Names of Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug Test


Purpose: Conducted before a driver is hired.
Objective: Ensure that individuals entering the industry are free from substance abuse.
Regulation: FMCSA requires prospective employees to undergo drug and alcohol testing before they are officially hired as commercial drivers.

Post-Accident Testing

Purpose: Conducted after a qualifying accident.
Objective: Determine if substance use contributed to the accident.
Regulation: FMCSA requires drug and alcohol testing of drivers involved in accidents meeting specific criteria.

Return to DOT Testing

Purpose: After completing a substance abuse rehabilitation program.
Objective: Ensure the driver is free from substance abuse before returning to safety- sensitive duties.
Regulation: Drivers who have violated drug and alcohol regulations must undergo testing before returning to duty.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Purpose: Conducted when there is reasonable cause to suspect substance abuse.
Objective: Address concerns about a driver's impairment.
Regulation: FMCSA allows testing if a trained supervisor observes signs of substance abuse.

Rapid Testing

Purpose: Quick identification of substance abuse.
Objective: Provide immediate results for timely decision-making.
While rapid testing is not explicitly mandated, it may be used as part of an employer's testing program, following FMCSA guidelines

Random Drug Testing

Purpose : Unpredictable testing to deter ongoing substance abuse.
Objective: :Ensure that drivers do not use prohibited substances while on duty.
Regulation: FMCSA mandates random drug testing of a percentage of drivers each year.


Purpose: Compliance with the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearing house.
Objective: Maintain a database of commercial drivers' drug and alcohol violations.
Regulation: Employers must report and query information from the Clearing house to ensure that drivers are eligible for safety-sensitive positions.

Mobile Drug Testing

Purpose: Our primary purpose is to provide convenient and efficient drug testing solutions directly at your location.
Objective: ensuring compliance with industry regulations and promoting a drug-free workplace environment.
At G&G Trucking Solution Inc. our mobile drug testing service is equipped to conduct timely and professional testing procedures in accordance with FMCSA regulations.

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