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G&G Trucking Solution Inc is a trusted name in the transportation industry, specializing in safety and compliance services for trucking companies. With over 16 years of dedicated service, we have been a reliable partner for businesses striving to maintain the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.

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Drug Test

Random Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Purpose: Conducted before a driver is hired
  • Objective: Ensure that individuals entering the industry are free from substance abuse.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

  • Purpose: Conducted when there is reasonable cause to suspect substance abuse.
  • Objective: Address concerns about a driver's impairment.

Random Drug Testing

  • Purpose: Unpredictable testing to deter ongoing substance abuse.
  • Objective: Ensure that drivers do not use prohibited substances while on duty.

DOT Testing

  • Purpose: After completing a substance abuse rehabilitation program.
  • Objective: Ensure the driver is free from substance abuse before returning to safety- sensitive duties.
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Post-Accident Testing

  • Purpose: Conducted after a qualifying accident.
  • Objective: Determine if substance use contributed to the accident.

Rapid Testing:

  • Purpose: Quick identification of substance abuse.
  • Objective: Provide immediate results for timely decision-making.
Fire Safety
Vehicle Inspection
Defensive Driving
Winter Driving
CSA for Drivers
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Trucking authorities in Mississauga are efficiently managed by G&G Trucking Solution, a trusted name in the transportation industry.They simplify the complex process of obtaining and managing various authorities and permits required for the trucking industry. Are you ready to elevate your skills and knowledge in the transportation industry?
At G&G Trucking Solution Inc, we offer a comprehensive range of courses designed to empower individuals and businesses in the world of transportation.
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